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Request to Fernandez to intercede in Cuba for the release of political prisoners

CADAL’s request was signed by its General Director, Gabriel C. Salvia, and was addressed to Dr. Alberto Fernández, President of the Argentine Nation, and sent to the Front Desk of the Presidency of the Nation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It requests that on the occasion of the announcement of his trip to Cuba to participate in a meeting of the G77, to intercede for the release of more than one thousand political prisoners before the authorities of the Cuban government.

CADAL emphasized in its request to President Fernandez that most of the political prisoners in Cuba are in jail for having exercised their human right to social protest in the massive and spontaneous peaceful demonstrations that began on July 11, 2021.

CADAL's General Director took the opportunity to enclose to President Fernandez the recent report "From bad to worse: Cuba before its fourth human rights review", which includes a description of Cuba's regression in human rights, with new criminal offenses that criminalize the exercise of fundamental freedoms, and highlights Cuba's lack of commitment to the UN universal human rights system.

CADAL also sent Fernandez the report "Closed Memory: the complicity of the Cuban revolution with the Argentine military dictatorship", which describes the alliance of convenience maintained by both dictatorships citing declassified documents of the Argentine Foreign Ministry when Hector Timerman was Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship.

Salvia expressed to Fernandez that both reports, together with the importance that the Argentine Republic claims to assign to the Memory and the defense of human rights in its foreign policy, should be useful for her to claim before Cuba for people unjustly detained, as many Heads of State of democratic countries did before the de facto rulers of the last Argentine military dictatorship.


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