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Participation in the Forum 2000 in Prague

Gabriel Salvia, General Director of CADAL, participated from October 13 to 15 in the 23rd edition of the Forum 2000, which took place in the capital of the Czech Republic. During this event, CADAL organized the award of the Prize to Committed Diplomacy in Cuba 2016-2018 as well as a panel on the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. In addition, Salvia also participated in the meeting of Democratic Solidarity in Latin America and in the reunion of its Executive Committee.

Entitled "Recovering the promise of 1989", this event created by Václav Havel brought together analysts, activists, journalists, and politicians from all over the world in Prague. Among them were Tawakkol Karman, Nobel Peace Prize winner, human rights activist and journalist (Yemen); Zdeněk Hřib, Mayor of Prague (Czech Republic); Markus Meckel, former member of parliament (Germany); Maia Sandu, Prime Minister (Moldova); Manuel Cuesta Morúa, political activist (Cuba); Adam Michnik, editor of Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland); Vesna Pusić, former Minister of Foreign Affairs (Croatia); Lobsang Sangay, Tibetan Central Administration (Tibet); Hasler Iglesias, Popular Will (Venezuela); Cristiana Chamorro, Violeta Chamorro Foundation (Nicaragua); Andrea Papus Ngombet Malewa, political activist (Republic of the Congo); Yevgeniy Zhovtis, activist (Kazakhstan); and Glanis Changachirere, activist (Zimbabwe).

Participación en el Forum 2000 en Praga

Along with the Democratic Solidarity project of Forum 2000, CADAL organized the panel "60 years of communism in Cuba" on Monday, October 14. The panel’s speakers were Dánae Vílchez, journalist (Nicaragua); Wilhelm Hofmeister, director of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation for Spain and Portugal (Germany); and Tania Bruguera, artist and activist (Cuba). The panel was moderated by Miriam Kornblith, director for Latin America of the National Endowment for Democracy (Venezuela).

Participación en el Forum 2000 en Praga

Afterwards, Gabriel Salvia and Manuel Cuesta Morúa awarded the Czech Filip Vurm with the Prize for Committed Diplomacy in Cuba 2016-2018.

Participación en el Forum 2000 en Praga

On Tuesday 14, Gabriel Salvia moderated a panel on "Student Power" with the participation of Rafaela Requesens, director of the Fundación Juntos Por la Vida (Venezuela); and Grigor Yeritsyan, President of the Progressive Youth of Armenia.


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