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A visit of Czech colleagues from Sinopsis

On May 7 and 8, Czech colleagues from the Sinopsis project visited Buenos Aires and participated in three activities in the capital of Argentina.

Sinopsis is a project of the non-profit association AcaMedia z.ú., in academic cooperation with the Department of Sinology at Charles University in Prague. It aims to provide a regular overview of developments in China and their impact on the world from the perspective of Czech, Chinese and international observers.

Visita colegas checos de Sinopsis

The three Czech colleagues who visited Buenos Aires had an exchange meeting with the members of CADAL: Sybil Rhodes (President), Norma Morandini (Vice President), Carlos Fara (Secretary), Gabriel Salvia (General Director), Lisette Kugler (Communication Coordinator), journalists Jorge Elías and Mayara Paixao, and the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Argentina, Filip Kanda.

Visita colegas checos de Sinopsis

Martin Hála, director of Sinopsis, gave a presentation to foreign diplomatic corps representatives in Argentina.

Visita colegas checos de Sinopsis

Finally, the members of Sinopsis, Katerina Prochazkova and Bao Do, gave a presentation at the Universidad del CEMA, organized within the framework of their International Relations study program.


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