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The Sinic Analysis: Participation in book presentation in Berlin

Juan Pablo Cardenal, editor of the project Análisis Sínico at CADAL, was one of the guest panelists at the presentation of the book »Between Moscow, Beijing and Washington: Latin America in the great power competition» (Nomos, 2023), held at the academy of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS).

The book, edited by Professors Günther Maihold and Hartmut Sangmeister in collaboration with the KAS, examines how the foreign policy of Latin American states is positioned in a geopolitically changing context. A context impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and by the growing competition and rivalry between the United States and China. With a greater presence of Beijing in the region and a lesser influence of the United States and Europe, Latin America tries to keep all doors open with the great powers.

Participación en presentación de libro en Berlín

Cardenal is the author of one of the chapters of the book, in which he describes the pragmatic attitude of Latin American governments towards China. Also participating in the event in Berlin were Annette Walter, director for Latin America and the Caribbean at the German Foreign Ministry; Christian Rieck, academic at the University of Potsdam and the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid; and Mark Heinzel, head of the Latin America department of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Participación en presentación de libro en Berlín

The event was moderated by Anne-Katrin Mellmann, journalist and head of communications at Brot für die Welt. It was attended by academics, political experts and other personalities from Germany, the rest of Europe and Latin America.


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